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Chance is an interactive musical entertainment experience. Our many years in the field of event “enhancement” are evident in our ability to adapt to your needs regardless of the venue.


Chance features ten pieces with horns and highly active vocals. They have had success in many forms of live entertainment, including intimate rock, jazz, and dance clubs as well as wedding, parties and large or small corporate functions.  Also, several live concert performances with internationally know acts such as the Beach Boys, K.C and the Sunshine Band and Donny Osmond.


Chance’s repertoire has the unique distinction of covering several decades of popular music. From Judy Garland's “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” to Tower of Power’s “Diggin on James Brown” Chance has a way of bridging the old with the new in a hip fashion.


Chance presents its music in a show oriented format. Rather than performing a list of songs, Chance prefers to keep the music flowing by providing our audiences with medleys from artists such as the Doobie Brothers, the Four Seasons, Tavares, and the Bee Gees.


Chance does not use any pre-taped or “canned” music in their performances.  Everything you hear is being played live unlike many three or four piece bands that are satisfied with using a keyboard or tape recording to provide the sound of a trumpet or saxophone.  Chance’s horn section with Don, Rick, and Bob, provides the listener with authentic renditions of songs from Chicago, Earth, Wind and Fire and Tower of Power. The horn section also adds an original feel to many of the bands Motown favorites such as “Mustang Sally” by Wilson Pickett, “Get Ready” by the Temptations and “Can’t Help My Self” by the Four Tops.


The most often heard comment from their audience is “You guys look like you are having a good time! There is a reason for that, they are!!!  Chance has known each other for many years, and their friendships go back to their high school days. It is not unusual to see the guys clowning around while singing four part harmonies on songs like “Games People Play” by the Spinners, “ Little Bitty Pretty One” and the timeless crowd pleaser, “Hello Young Lovers” by the Mills Brothers.


Chance boasts of the fact that all of its members have lead vocal capabilities.  Pete takes the crowd back in time with his rendition of “I’m a Man” by Steve Winwood.  Bob’s version of “Have I Told you Lately” by Rod Stewart and Louie Armstrong’s “What a Wonderful World” adds a soulful flavor to the sound Chance.  Rich takes care of our rock oriented material, "Takin it to the Streets” by the Doobie Brothers and “Walk Away” by the Eagles that he lays out, all the while keeping the groove happening with his driving bass guitar. John handles lead guitar and lead vocals. As “The Story Teller," John pours out his heart with “The Worst That Can Happen” to his rendition of Chicago’s “Does Anybody Know What Time It is” and “Beginnings”.


A good group must have an entertainer and Chance has one of the best, Russell. Russ puts Las Vegas flair into the Chance sound. Sinatra would and been impressed!  “The Way You Look Tonight”, “Mac The Knife” by Bobby Darin, and “Just a Gigolo” by Louie Prima are songs that he adds his own show biz magic to, often bringing up an audience member to help share in the fun. It is not unusual to see Russ out on the dance floor with one of the ladies from the crowd, while the band plays a swing interlude.


Last but certainly not least, where would any band be without a dynamic and talented drummer? Rich provides the foundation that gets the audience up and moving. His versatile style and musicianship keeps things moving. From swing to rock, Rich covers it all and never misses a "beat."


Chance was born over 25 years ago as a force on the live circuit of the Rock and Roll Capital, Cleveland Ohio. Chance was chosen to introduce the concept of quadraphonic radio performance to the world. With success in performing and recording, Chance has built a reputation as a group that is right for any event anywhere.  Energetic, sincere, professional, the Chance is sure to make your event a memorable occasion.

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